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Eastern National Championships

January 29, 2024 Entry Deadline (Postmark / Online)



Owner is inactive. Contact NCHA Membership to renew.

All other information is on file

All other information is on file


Division All Payments due by Jan 29 Total
Enter horse to see eligible classes
OPEN $908.00 $0
25K NOVICE $908.00 $0
25K NOVICE NONPRO $908.00 $0
5K NOVICE $908.00 $0
5K NOVICE NONPRO $908.00 $0
Enter rider to see eligible classes
NONPRO $908.00 $0
50K AMATEUR $908.00 $0
35K NONPRO $908.00 $0
15K AMATEUR $908.00 $0
2K RIDER ANY HORSE $908.00 $0
YOUTH JR $185.00 $0
YOUTH SR $185.00 $0
Grand Total: $0

RELEASE FROM LIABILITY AND WAIVER OF RESPONSIBILITY: As a condition to participate in this event, the NCHA, the directors, officers, employees, members, agents and representatives are hereby released from all claims, demands, or causes of action of any kind or nature whatsoever; whether now existing or to hereafter accrue, on account of any damage, cost or expense (I) As a result of any bodily injury, loss or damage to any animals, equipment or other personal property, from any cause whatsoever including, but not limited to, the sole or concurrent negligence of NCHA, its directors, officers, employees, agents or representatives; or (ii) as a result of the interpretation or enforcement of the NCHA constitution, bylaws, rules or regulations and the risk of any such damage, cost or expense which may occur by reason of forgoing is hereby assumed and accepted. This waiver is binding on the undersigned as well as all riders, grooms and other helpers associated with the participation of the horse (s) described herein in this event and the undersigned indemnifies the NCHA from all claims, demands, or causes of action based on any of the foregoing. Both owner and rider of any horse entered in an NCHA produced event, by said entry, consents to the implementation of any action allowed by Standing Rule 35.a, Zero Tolerance by either show management or judge and Standing Rule 35A, Medication Policy.

Electronic Signature *Required
I have read and agree to the above statement as well as the rules, terms and conditions included in the show rules published on

*Effective July 15, 2023, all payments received by the NCHA will be assessed a nonrefundable transaction fee of 3.0%
*Transaction Fee Waived

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