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To give the cutting horse greater recognition, an NCHA Hall of Fame has been established to credit famous cutting horses. To be placed in the Hall of Fame, a horse must win $35,000* in NCHA Open Championship contests. Upon winning the $35,000*, a Gold certificate will be issued to the owner of the horse and a plaque on the wall of the National Cutting Horse Association's office will be mounted. Recipients of the NCHA Hall of Fame Award have also received Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards.

*1980 amended to $50,000
*1981 amended to $100,000
*1985 amended to $150,000
*1989 amended to $200,000
*1991 amended to $150,000


A Little Bossy2016
Alice Star1969
Annie Glo1979
Auspicious Cat2014
Autumn Boon2008
Ball O’Flash1983
Bama Jelly2022
Bayou Shorty (DNA)2008
Belles N Bullets2013
Bet On A Cat2018
Bet Yer Blue Boons2000
Bob Acre Doc1991
Booger Red1962
Boon San Kitty2008
Cash Quixote Rio1990
CD Olena2008
Charoakter Eyes2008
Chickasha Dan1970
Chico Gann1975
Chiquita Pistol2008
Christys Acre2001
Clays Little Kit Cat2022
Cool N Hot2020
CR Sun Reys2016
Crafty With Cows2019
Crey Zee2021
Deluxe Checks2018
Doc N Willy1980
Doc Per2008
Doc Wilson1983
Doc’s Marmoset2008
Doc’s Oak1979
Docs Okie Quixote2008
Docs Otoetta2008
Doc’s Playmate1979
Doc’s Starlight1977
Dolly Brian1966
Donas Suen Boon2017
Dont Look Twice2011
Dont Stopp Believin2018
Dry Doc1979
Dry N Freckled1998
Dual Rey Me2007
Dual Reyish2020
Duramax Dually2022
Faith In My Cat2012
Gandy’s Time1971
George C Merada2017
Gun Smokes Wimpy2008
Handle Bar Doc1983
Harriott Playgirl2003
He Bea Cat2019
Heart 1091968
High Brow CD2008
Hiss N Vinegar2021
Hollywood Cat1966
Hollywood Lin1966
Hydrive Cat2009
Ichis My Choice2018
Im Countin Checks2008
Jae Bar Fletch1994
Jose Uno1970
Junie Wood2015
Just Playin Smart2011
Little Badger Dulce2008
Little Pepto Cat2017
Little Pepto Gal2008
Little Tenina2008
Little Tom Wing1963
Lynx Melody2008
Marbo Mccue1976
Marion’s Girl1962
Merada Clone2008
Meradas Little Sue1997
Metallic Cat2009
Metallic Rebel2017
Meteles Cat2016
Miss Elite1963
Miss Nancy Bailey1962
Miss Silver Pistol2008
MNY Peppy Star Rio2008
Moms Stylish Player2016
Montana Doc1983
Mr Holey Sox1972
Mr San Peppy 1974
Ms Peppy Cat2010
NRR Cat King Cole2016
Nu I Wood2008
Oh Cay Felix2009
One Time Choice2014
One Time Royalty2010
Our Little Dyno2009
Patty Conger1969
Peppy San1971
Peppy San Badger1980
Peppymint Twist2008
Playboy Olena2008
Playboys Madera2008
Poco Lena1962
Poco Mona1962
Poco Quixote Rio2008
Poco Stampede1962
Quintan Blue2008
Quixote Mac2008
Red White And Boon2008
Redneck Yachtclub2008
Rey Down Sally2011
Rey Lynx2008
Reys Desire2011
Reysin Kittens2021
Reyzin The Cash2016
Rollz Royce2019
Rosies Lena2003
Royal Chess1970
Royal Hank1977
San Tule Uno2008
Sandhill Charlie1962
Second Spot2019
Senor George1967
Shakin Flo2008
Shania Cee2008
Short Doc1991
Sir Long Legs2020
Sister Cd2008
SL Jaybird2014
Slats Dawson1925
Smart Lil Scoot2008
Smart Little Lena2008
Smart Peppy Lena (P)2008
Smooth As A Cat2008
Smooth Asa Zee2013
Snappy Dun1968
Snipper W1962
Some Kinda Highbrow2018
Special Nu Baby2015
Spooked By A Cat2022
Spots Hot2008
Stardust Desire1968
Stevie Rey Von2018
Stylish Martini2013
Sugar Vaquero1973
Swen Miss 161969
Tap O Lena2008
Tenino San1983
Third Cutting2009
Third Edge2022
Vegas Boy1966
Wood I Never2008
Woody Be Lucky2010
Woodys Baby2021

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