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Inasmuch as certain individuals, through their own efforts and those of the horses they raise, make over a period of time an outstanding and unusual contribution to the NCHA's basic purpose of the public exhibition and constant promotion of the Cutting Horse, it is hereby agreed: that an NCHA Members Hall of Fame be created and perpetuated to honor the individuals who have exhibited the characteristics set out herein; A high moral character; Good sportsmanship; Fairness; Extraordinary contribution of commitment to the Cutting Horses in the NCHA; and an exemplary contribution of time, effort and interest in the NCHA and its basic endeavors.

Members Hall of Fame Nomination Form

*awarded posthumously

S.J. Agnew2002
H.L. Akin*2022
Lonnie Allsup2019
Judy Burton Armstrong2010
Beamon Ashley2000
Doris Ballew2004
Dave Batty2013
Roy Bauer2021
Chris Benedict2018
Ernie Beutenmiller, Sr.2006
Ernie Beutenmiller, Jr.2021
Emry Birdwell1985
Grady Blue1984
Gayle Borland1999
Edd Bottom1997
Barbara Brooks2021
Bobby Brown2000
Robert Charles Brown2016
Norman Bruce2000
E.C. Bryant Jr.1999
Lindy Burch2005
Robert “Bob” Burton1977
Stanley Bush2003
Don Bussey2011
H. Calhoun2004
Jim Calhoun1992
Don Carr1986
John Carter2000
Punk Carter2002
CW “Bubba” Cascio2020
Bette Cogdell2018
Billy Cogdell1991
Bill Collins1995
Bobby Cook2010
S.J. “Red” Cook1998
Gay Copeland*2022
J.D. Craft2007
Caroline Crist2010
Paul Crumpler2007
Kathy Daughn2023
Willard Davis2006
Keith Deaville2017
Chester Dennis1997
Don Dodge1988
Dennie Dunn2004
Jerry Durant2016
James Eakin2018
Pat Earnheart2009
Jo Ellard2002
Ben Emison2018
Dan Evans2012
Douglas Mitchell1987
Tommy Moore2013
W.S. “Billy” Morris III2003
Mike Mowery2019
Murlene Mowery2009
Shelly Mowery2021
Don Neuenschwander2010
Roger Odum2001
Jimmy Orrell1990
L.M. “Pat” Patterson1988
Albert Paxton2002
Louis M. Pearce Jr.1995
Ron Pietrafeso2023
Harland Radomske2013
Jimmie Randals1998
Phil Rapp2022
Jim Reno1990
Bruce Richerson2021
Bill Riddle2008
Terry Riddle2008
Dave Robson2010
Matlock Rose1988
Tom B. Saunders1980
Fern Sawyer1985
Barbra Schulte2017
Mel Shearin2009
Sam Shepard2015
Chuck Smith2021
Modine Smith1993
Ray Smith2001
Ray Smyth1977
Mance Stark2013
George Stout2005
Don Strain2006
Terry Strange2012
Don Taylor2018
Dr. Lamar Thaggard1998
Larry Townsend2001
Chubby Turner2015
Alice Walton2020
Buster Welch1988
Greg Welch2009
Mike Wells2010
Jon White2019
Dale Wilkinson1988
Philip Williams1977
Bronc Willoughby2020
Sam Wilson2004
Zack T. Wood Jr1986
W.H. ‘Dub’ Worrell2008
Lewis Wray2022
Marion Flynt1977
Jonathan Foote2004
J.M. “Shorty” Freeman1988
J.M. Frost III2007
Paula Gaughan2023
Dick Gaines2005
Kenneth Galyean2014
Lee Garner2013
George Glascock1977
Don Gould1977
Helen Groves1996
Harry Guffee1987
Ike Hamilton1989
Leroy Hamonn2014
Leon Harrel2017
Rufus Hayes2012
Walter Hellyer2002
Mary Harbinson Hensley1999
Rock Hedlund2023
Volney Hildreth1984
Edley Hixson2003
Wayne Hodges2011
C.P. Honeycutt1986
James Hooper2015
Cletus Hulling1994
Kenneth Jackson2009
Pat Jacobs2011
Loyd Jinkens*2022
Lisa Johnson2011
Teddy Johnson*2023
Bob Joy2012
Mike Kelly2006
James Kenney1991
Charles E. King*2022
Harold Knox Sr.1999
Nina Lundgren2017
Tom Lyons2014
Billy Martin2017
RC “Dick” Martin1999
Byron Matthews2001
Bob Mayfield2016
David McDavid2019
David McGregor1999
Tom McGuane2005
Jack Mehrens2004
Frank Merrill2020
Art Miller1998
Jim Milner2012
Mary Jo Milner2012

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