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Showing FAQs

What is the difference between a Weekend Show and an Aged Event?
What are the current NCHA classes?
How do I find my eligibility?
Last weekend, I saw a cutter with a trophy buckle that said ‘NCHA Achievement Buckle.’ How can I get one of those?
How can I improve my riding and showing skills?
When does the NCHA point year start and end?
What happens if I win more than the class limit allows during the show year?
I've been showing in one class, but entered a different class last weekend - do those earnings count?
Does the horse owner need a membership?
How do I show a horse that isn't registered with a breed association?
Can I try out a horse in a show before I buy it?
Can I show someone else's horse?
What is the NCHA Adjusted Monitor System?
How many judges do NCHA approved events use?

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